If you’re just dipping your toes in the vast ocean of pianos, there are a few fundamental aspects to grasp. Knowing these will not only make your journey a lot smoother but also help you appreciate the true craftsmanship behind these majestic instruments.

Firstly, the ‘heart’ of a piano lies in its soundboard, strings, and hammers. These vital components are instrumental in defining the sound that emanates from a piano. Each strike of a key prompts a hammer to hit a string, causing vibrations that resonate through the soundboard to create the iconic piano sound.

Secondly, size does matter when it comes to pianos. Larger pianos typically produce a richer and fuller sound, thanks to their longer strings and larger soundboards. However, you must balance this with the space available in your home, as a grand concert piano might not be the best fit for a cozy apartment!

Lastly, don’t forget about aesthetics. Your piano is not just a musical instrument, but also a piece of furniture that can complement your home’s decor. From polished ebony to a vintage walnut finish, from classic to contemporary styles, the choices are abundant.

Remember, picking the perfect piano is about creating harmony between the instrument’s sound, size, and style, and your personal preferences and home environment. Now that you understand these basics, you’re well on your way to finding a piano that will play the perfect tune in your life!

Founded in 1963, Grafton Piano continues to be a 2nd & 3rd Generation family-owned business. We built our present Souderton store in 1972. We offer the largest selection of pianos, organs and keyboard products in the area and cover the tri-state area. We’ve designed and installed hundreds of custom Church organ installations. We also handle anything you need in pianos; from moving and tuning to complete refinishing and rebuilding. Our years of experience servicing organs served as a solid basis for later servicing digital and player pianos.

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