Console, typical of Viscount Vero 4110 organ design

Classic Church Organs

We are proud to be representing Viscount Organs.  We believe Viscount organs are the best digital organs made. They produced over 2,300 instruments last year. Through our over 6-decades we have represented two other church organ companies. Rapidly growing sales of Viscount products over recent years is proof of a market looking for better sounding, more pipe-like, and more reasonably-priced instruments.  Interestingly everytime we changed organ companies it coincided with an advance in technology. From analog (Rodgers) to waveform/sampled (Allen digital), and now sampling to physical modeling (Viscount). It’s our opinion that, all things considered, Viscount builds the best Church Organ. Their award-winning, patented Physis+ modeling is ultimately better than sampling, their consoles are solid and beautifully finished, and their commitment to future support are just some of the reasons why we say they are better. They offer a newer technology (modeling) organ for a more reasonable price.  Over the years we have had the privilage of supplying instruments for and working with some of the worlds top organists and musicians. Our organ consultants and technicians are organists themselves, faithfully providing service for decades. They understand the nuts and bolts of maintenance, installation, and voicing classic organs. Organs are not just a side business with us, it’s core to who we are.

Vero Series Organs

The new Vero series is Viscount’s top-end line of classic organs using their Physis+ physical modeling technology. Miles beyond decades-old sampling techniques, physical modeling actually creates the pipe sound rank-by-rank, note-by-note, without sample breaks and other tonal and voicing problems. Think of physical modeling as a means to ‘un-bake’ a cake. We then know all the ingrediants and techniques that went into making the cake, we can now actually create that cake, and allow for subtle changes in the recipe. In the pipe-organ world we call that voicing. Frozen recordings of pipes (sampling) cannot be voiced. Highly customizable, the Vero line from Viscount begins with their Vero-370, a comprehensive 3-manual, 70-stop instrument and expands upwards to larger 3 and 4 -manual models. The Viscount Vero Organ Series delivers a compelling blend of affordability and exceptional sound quality, making it an ideal choice for churches seeking a powerful and versatile digital organ. Packed with essential features for expressive playing, the Vero Series empowers you to elevate your worship services and inspire your congregation

Example of Viscount Vero-Series Organ

Vanguard Series Organs

The new Vanguard series is Viscount’s high-end line of classic organs using their Physis+ physical modeling technology. Miles beyond decades-old sampling techniques, physical modeling actually creates the pipe sound rank-by-rank, note-by-note, without sample breaks and other tonal and voicing problems.  The Viscount Vanguard Organ Series delivers exceptional sound quality and versatile musical capabilities at a budget-friendly price. Ideal for churches seeking a powerful and easy-to-use digital organ, the Vanguard Series provides everything you need to enhance your worship services. Shown is the new Vanguard 363DK as an example.

Viscount Vanguard 363 3-manual church organ

Virtuoso Series Organs

The Viscount Virtuoso Series redefines the digital church organ, bringing the awe-inspiring sound of pipe organs to your fingertips. Virtuoso organs meticulously recreate the richness and complexity of real pipes, at an ultra-affordable price, delivering an unparalleled level of sonic authenticity. The VIRTUOSO series classical organs use their exclusive Physis+ physical modeling technology. Physical modeling does what mere sampling cannot – it duplicates the phenomena involved in pipe organ sound generation, creating an incredibly authentic pipe sound.




Viscount Virtuoso 245 (DOMUS-9)

Cantorum Organs



Viscounts Cantorum line organs are portable and very afforable instruments for home or professional organist – now using Viscounts exclusive Physis+ technology, Physical Modeling, not sampling. Cantorum organs are designed with an extremely simple to use interface and are real classic instruments, not toys.  Cantorum organs come as a Duo 2-keyboard or Trio 3-keyboards. Cantorum organs offer the abiity to choose between three different ‘pipe sets’ (Baroque, Romantic, Symphonic) and create his/her own preferred audio environment through acoustic modeling. The keyboard is carefully crafted to reproduce the touch of a real tracker-type pipe organ. Cantorum organs are compact and easy to move as separate pieces, and can be easily transported.

Viscount Cantorum Duo Organ

Legend Organs

LEGEND – the Vintage Feeling

Since 1935, when Laurens HAMMOND invented the first tone-wheel organ, the sound of this instruments entered the soul of many musicians and was loved by everybody. Unfortunately the tone-wheel organs production terminated in 1975 leaving a need that was to be poorly filled by many mediocre imitations. Viscount and KeyB combined their strong experience in order to fill this need by designing the new Legend organs, able to perfectly recreate the sound of tone-wheel organs and offer again the “VINTAGE FEELING”. We offer a wide range of Legend organ models. Contact us for more information.

Viscount Legend Organ


Viscount Classic Organs

Viscount Ouverture 3-manual Organ