Piano Tuning

Tim Roof – one of our exceptional technicians hard at work
tuning and ‘voicing’ this piano.

Piano, Digital Piano and Player Piano Service and Tuning

Because you value your piano, it’s important to have your investment serviced regularly. The most frequent piano service is tuning. Regular servicing by a qualified technician will make it sound and play it’s best. Our technicians provide factory-authorized service and support for Kawai digital pianos, QRS player piano systems and Yamaha Clavinova digital pianos. Grafton Piano & Organ, it’s not just our name, it’s what we do.


  • New or rebuilt pianos require four tunings the first year.
  • After the first year pianos should be tuned twice a year.
  • Pianos that receive heavier use (piano teachers, churches, player pianos) often times need to be tuned every three months.
Piano Repair

Neal Hartranft our senior technician has over 56-years experience
including Allen Organ Company, and Graftons.

Classic Church Organ Service

At Graftons you can have the confidence knowing we can help you with your organ service needs.  We now proudly represent the most advanced and worlds largest organ company, Viscount. People, products and technologies are forever changing. Someone is always going to develop better technology that works or sounds better and costs less. We are proud to be representing Viscount products. Their Physical Modeling technology is miles ahead of commom decades-old sampling techniques used by other companies. For almost 5-decades we represented the Allen Organ Company and have and still provid support for organs we’ve sold. When people call with questions we answer them. Neal, our main tech, is an accomplished organist and has 56-years service experience, nine of which was at Allen Organ. Dennis has been in electronics and organ service since his teens, and is an organist as well. Both of our techs have the needed experience and training and are able to help with your organ needs. We also service vintage Hammond organs and Leslie tone cabinets. In 1963 Graftons began by providing expert organ repair service, even before we represented our first major organ line (Rodgers). Grafton Piano & Organ – our name literally says what we do!

Piano Tuning

We imported this Bösendorfer model 225 for a customer from Singapore. The piano needed extensive cabinet repairs and finishing work.


Refinishing a piano is a major undertaking. Over time piano finishes can deteriorate or fade. We have our own in house finishing department. Be aware however that often times if the finish on a piano is poor that the piano often needs other major repairs or rebuilding. We can restore the finish on your piano to look better than when it was new. We have examples of pianos on our showroom that you can see.

Piano Repair

Our technician putting new strings and tuning pins in a Yamaha 7’4” concert grand


Often a piano may require more work than is practical to do in a home. Restoration is a level of service not as involved as complete rebuilding. We evaluate and prioritize what areas are in need of repair, replacement, adjustment or refinishing. These pianos typically are in sound condition but have areas that are in need of work. Some of these areas can be: hammers replaced, new tuning pins and piano wire installed due to loose tuning pins, cracked bass bridge, etc.

Piano Tuning

New soundboard, bridges and refinished plate from
an 1896 Steinway model A grand we rebuilt.


Rebuilding involves the complete disassembly, inspection, and repair as necessary, including replacement of ALL worn, damaged, or deteriorated parts. We basically take your old, worn piano and return it to you in like new condition.

This involves a new pin block, tuning pins, strings, hammers, dampers, action parts and a complete refinishing. In some cases a new sound board and bridges are fitted as well. You’ll find that the caliber of our work is impeccable.

Piano Repair

When you use us to move your piano it will be moved
gently and arrive undamaged.

Piano Moving

Pianos weigh from 400 – 1200 lbs. and are typically not a project to tackle yourself. We have all the equipment needed for most any type of piano move. We use our own trucks and personnel for all our piano moves. Our main truck has a large lift gate capable of accommodating the largest concert grands or church organs. We also have the specialized equipment including a Genie lift for church choir lofts, an all-terrain piano dolly and custom built grand piano boards. If you’re planning on moving a piano out of state we can help you arrange the most practical way to do that. Most importantly, when you select Graftons and our experienced crew to move your piano, it will be moved gently and arrive undamaged.