Digital Piano in Home

Rental Plan With Option To Buy

Our rental plan lets you enjoy a quality piano in your home. Try our piano for 1-year and see if there’s a lasting interest before you buy. Choose from our of stock of available pianos for rent.

We’re the only piano dealer in the area that offers this unique plan. Rental plans from other dealers typically are limited to only 6 months and are offered through a finance company, tied to a conditional installment sales contract.

After the initial 4 month rental period you can:

  • Return the piano
  • Continue renting month to month for up to 1-year
  • Buy a piano of equal or higher value of your rented piano at any time
  • Get 100% of the first 6 months rental payments applied towards purchase
  • Get 75% of the final 6-months rental payments applied towards balance

Concert Performances & Special Events

We have a large selection of grands, verticals, and church organs available for special events. Options range from a portable digital piano for an outdoor wedding to an organ capable of filling the largest venues. We regularly supply instruments for major denominational conventions, university events and concerts. Delivery, set up and service are all handled by us.

Call 1-877-GRAFTON, visit our showroom or click the button below for more information.