Do you own a piano that no one plays anymore? We have great news for you! We can convert your piano into a player piano – that plays by itself. We can even upgrade your older Yamaha Disklavier or PianoDisk player piano at a very affordable cost – or better yet, choose a piano from Graftons and we will instaall the QRS player system right here. QRS is revolutionizing the player-piano industry with its latest player technology, PNOMation3, the most advanced player-piano system available on the market today.

Imagine, having your piano playing for parties, when you have friends over, or just for beautiful music during that special candlelight dinner.

The first player pianos used paper rolls, then floppy disks and CDs. The new PNOmation III system by QRS is now controlled from your smartphone or tablet with no boxes or wires. Their vast library of over 10,000 songs are all available at your fingertips. You can even control it with your Apple Watch or by voice commands with an Amazon Echo.