The executive team of Viscount North America spent the entire week with various departments of Viscount International developing new Physis + models that will be announced over the coming weeks.
Robert finalizing voicing changes for new mid-size 3-manual ViscountViscount North America’s technical and tonal director, Robert Darnall, worked tirelessly with the Viscount design team to customize these new models for the unique tastes and needs of the North American market. They also completed the voicing of a new affordable 3-manual drawknob model soon to be released which uses the new Physis + technology.
“We must say, it was an incredible experience to be welcomed by not just 1 or 2 Viscount engineers, but ten – only a portion of their total design team!”. Viscount North America’s Managing Director, Josh Dove, worked directly with the administration of Viscount finalizing the new organ lines that will be offered, as well as discussing some changes being made to advance Viscounts rapidly growing North American market.
“What we heard in the new organ was astonishing, to say the least. The fit and finish of this new line took their already superb quality, and raised it to another level” – reports Josh Dove.
Stay tuned for more information on the exciting changes here at Graftons with the rapidly growing and very sucessful Viscount Organ line.

Robert at Viscount Mondiano Italy discussing North American Viscount models