Embark on a journey through our expansive collection of pianos, each resonating with its own symphony of history and potential. Our selection, steeped in quality and diversity, caters to everyone – whether you are a novice taking your first steps or an accomplished virtuoso seeking a new companion for your melodic adventures. Our collection includes brand-new pianos, their pristine keys humming with untapped melodies, as well as used pianos, each bearing its own unique narrative, whispered through its timeworn keys.

From the sleek sophistication of a baby grand to the modern marvel of a digital keyboard, we ensure our inventory represents a wide spectrum of reputable manufacturers, each noted for their exceptional craftsmanship and distinctive sound. As you peruse our selection, allow your senses to guide you.

See the instruments, listen to their distinct voices, and feel their keys under your fingers. Let the instrument choose you, as much as you choose it, making for a connection that is as much about the music as it is about the instrument. Come, visit us, and lose yourself in the symphony of possibilities that awaits in our piano inventory.

Founded in 1963, Grafton Piano continues to be a 2nd & 3rd Generation family-owned business. We built our present Souderton store in 1972. We offer the largest selection of pianos, organs and keyboard products in the area and cover the tri-state area. We’ve designed and installed hundreds of custom Church organ installations. We also handle anything you need in pianos; from moving and tuning to complete refinishing and rebuilding. Our years of experience servicing organs served as a solid basis for later servicing digital and player pianos.